Tricky Ways To Get Extra Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet

extra fruit and vegetable in your diet

We all are well aware of the fact that fruits and vegetable play an important role in our diet. They provide all the basic nutrients and as they are natural and organic so they don’t have any side effects. If we talk about banana it contains potassium which is very beneficial for our teeth and bones. Spinach contains iron and it fulfill our requirement of iron. We all are so much busy in our day to day life that we forget to take proper meal and this effects our health badly. We need to get extra amount of fruits and vegetables in our diet.

fruit is nature’s candy

Following are the tricky ways by which we can get extra fruits and vegetable in our diet:

Eat Smartly:

Eat smartly to get healthy body and life. food have great impact on our lives. If you feel hungry then don’t go for biscuits, candies or cookies rather keep some fruit with you. You can eat fruit anytime and anywhere. Keep some baby carrot with some sauce like hummus for complete serving.

eat smartly

Keep Fruit On the Obvious Sight:

Always keep the fruits and eatable raw vegetables at the place where you can easily see them. Keep some fruit like grapes or cherries in beautiful bowl and place them on the dining table. In this way the food will be easily accessible for you. And you can eat it anytime.

vegetable soup

Include More Soup in Your Diet:

Homemade soups are very simple to make and they taste amazing. You can add any vegetable in your soup. Cook or boil any vegetable like carrot, peas, zucchini, spring onions, mushrooms, olives and put them in the chicken broth for taste. This is one of the healthiest food you can have.

Double Up Your Meal:

If you are eating one veggie a day, then double it up. Start to eat 2 vegetables a day for more energy and nutrition. Get extra fruits and vegetables in your diet.

fruits and vegetables do not fight disease. it is their absence that causes cancer

Include Salad in Your Diet:

Salads are always tasty and full of nutritional benefits. Eat a lot of salad before or during the meal. It’s not always about boring salad like that include only onions or lettuce  but you can always spice it up with new variations. You can add different healthy sauces and some sautéed mushroom with boil chicken and a lot of fruits and nuts. This will make you crave for the salad.

Get Extra Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet


We all have heard about health is wealth. Spend more money in buying fruits and vegetable rather than eating junk food. Which vegetables you can eat raw? If you know the answer than drop the answer in the comment section.


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