The best TVs coming in 2020

The best TVs coming in 2020

2020 goes to be an awesome year for TVs. I’m realizing that this year’s CES (consumer electronic show) was very different for TV’s. More of this year’s TVs than ever before are not only TVs in 2020 that you might actually buy but they redefined the industry. Here are my predictions on what will be the best TVs and most important TVs of the year.

Before jump up on the list let’s take a small definition of what is a television?

A TV (otherwise called a TV) may be a machine with a screen. Television get broadcasting signs and alter them into photos and sound. “Television” originates from the words tele (Greek for a lot away) and vision (sight). A TV can show pictures from numerous TV stations.

Now let’s get started the list.

LG’s 48 inch CX 4C 10 OLED:

LG's tvs in 2020

Sure LG move up and move down OLEDs got loads of features and television inclusion yet it’s the new C 10 OLED that I believe is the more earth-shattering television. At 48 inches this TV does more to blur the line between TV and gaming monitor than anything we’ve seen before. it’ll fit on your desktop it’s got all the essential gaming monitor features like low input lag variable refresh rate high frame rate. While also giving us the amazing picture quality that comes from a TV with a dedicated TV processor.

All that is like truly impressive HDR to boot in fact other than ultra-high refresh rates and 21 by 9 aspect ratio. I don’t have the foggiest idea why you would spend twice as much on an ultra-premium gaming monitor. When this gorgeous TV is going to serve just about every display need you might have. Also, a shout out to LG’s gallery series OLED which from a design perspective looks really awesome.

Samsung’s Q 950 or Q 950 TS:

This is a TV you have to see to believe the Q 950 TS is a feat of TV engineering. It’s only 15 millimeters thick which has it treading firmly into OLED territory on the fitness front. I honestly don’t know how they did it, I mean how is this a full array local dimming TV. Besides all that though it’s got practically zero-bezel and no black matrix around the edge so it’s 99% image. That has a really interesting effect it’s this perfectly uniform kind of slab up on the wall with no discernible edge and it’s a design that I really dig.

TCL’s mini LED 6 series TV:

TCL honestly is just crushing it right now. I mean it was the first to bring a mini LED TV to the market last year with its premium 8 Series but it’s not keeping that tech for its top tier. The vaunted 6 Series will be getting mini LED tech this year and that’s just like really gracious. it also puts a ton of pressure on other manufacturers. Who right now only has a mini LED in their prototype stages?

TCL TVs in 2020

There TCL is going into its second generation and spreading the love down to an extremely affordable level and as if that wasn’t groundbreaking enough. TCL has already figured out how to juice up mini LED and make it even better. TCL calls it vid rein and we don’t know if this is going to be the new 8th series TV. Or if it’ll get called something else and it doesn’t really matter. The tech is going to be on a TV in 2020 and it’ll be brighter more colorful and closer to OLED than anything we’ve seen before from an LCD based TV.

Next up is Vizio x’ OLED:

The reason I think that Vizio OLED is so important is that it along with budget. TV brands Konca and premium OLED maker Philips are bringing some serious competition to LG and Sony. When brands compete consumers win and that means more affordable OLEDs across the board. The Vizio OLED to stand right up next to LG and Sony and Philips in terms of picture quality. But the price should be lower at least if Vizio keeps going with their value proposition.

This implies that we have a good better and best situation in OLED with Vizio appearing well and good for an enormous client base. On the other side of things, we have the Vizio P series quantum X and what Vizio is doing to the OLED market. It’s also doing to the premium LCD segment. The P series quantum X is supposed to offer the highest brightness and the most local dimming ones found in any TV in 2020. And that’s going to put a lot of pressure on Samsung and Sony.

Vizo TVS in 2020

Vizio is bringing some much-needed competition in the pace and its new picture processor which has been in development for four years now looks extremely. Now you might be wondering why is there no only TV on this list? Well, that’s because Sony made some cool design changes and brought its excellent ultimate ship to less expensive models.

The new TVs it showed at CES are really slight alterations on last year’s TVs and none of them have full spec HDMI 2.1. Now it’s not mean that the TVs that they bring aren’t going to be gorgeous because they will be they always are. But they aren’t market shifting TVs.


So that’s my list of the most hotly anticipated TVs of 2020. For now, I think these are the TVs to watch in the coming months. What is your opinion of the list did I miss anything? Please leave a comment down below, also if you have any other recommendations.


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