Type of Air Conditioners That Makes Our Summer Better

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Summers are coming soon and we all are well aware about the summers we have in Pakistan. Pakistan is the country in which we have 4 season out of which the most longest in the summer season. During this season the temperature rises and hot wind blows thus making the environment warm and hot. There are Different Type of Air Conditioners available in the market.

Different Type of Air Conditioners

During such time we all are looking for something that cool down the temperature and make us feel relax and comfortable. One such device is air conditioner. These helps to lower the temperature of the room or home. Buying AC can be confusing and time taking as there are many different type of Air Conditioners available in the market.

Here are few different type of air conditioners available in the market which you can buy and this guide can save your time.

central ac

Central Air Conditioner

This is one of the most common type pf air conditioner available in the market. it is use to cool the larger homes as it cools more efficiently. It circulates the cool air through supply and return the warm air via ducts. This type of device is preferred in big houses, malls, restaurants etc.

Before installing the central air conditioner, a lot of planning and preparation is needed. If the size is not accurate then the utility costs become more than it should be.

window ac

Window Air Conditioner

As the name shows these types of ac are installed in the window. These are ideal for a single room or a small house. They emit the warm air out the back of it and blow the cool air into the room thus making the room cool.

Different Type of Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioner

It is just like the window ac but it is portable that is you can move it from one place to another. This takes the air from the room and cools it and then direct it into the room. The warm air is exhausted out by the mean of hose installed in the window. These are ideal for single room and they are easy to install and affordable.

Different Type of Air Conditioners

Split Air Conditioner

These are also widely use and mostly preferred. They have outdoor condensers that emits the warm air and an indoor handling unit that emits cool air in the room thus making the room cool. This is ideal for the single room.


Air conditioners are life savings during the hot summer day. Out of all these split air conditioners is most in demand. So if you are planning to buy the new air conditioner for your home or office you can check e360pk site to know about the companies that supply and manufactures air conditioners.


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