A uniform can describe from where you belong?

Uniform is describer of your profession

Uniform has an advantage which we will discuss in this blog. A uniform is an exceptional set of fabrics which some people, for example, servicemen like soldiers or the police wear to work and some youngsters wear to school. The other profession like medical, air force people wear it. In hospitals, doctors and staff wear white overcoat while the rest of the staff, which means male ward boy wear a short-sleeve shirt and pants called “scrubs” and female nurses wear a suit. That is why uniform has advantage.

In airline profession the captain dressed in a white paint shirt with a white cap. While the outfits of the staff are according to the airline policies. In international airlines, females dressed up paint shirts or skirts. Either in Muslim airlines especially in Pakistan, air hostess wear salwar suits with shawl matching to their airline logo. The cabin crew put on a paint shirt.

So uniform is the symbol from which we represent our profession and somewhere in our organization. The uniform refers to the certain style of clothing which a people wear to identify they belong to a group. Different types of fabrics used in the manufacturing of uniforms according to the need.

Here we will share the suppliers of uniforms in Pakistan.

Aala textiles:

Aala textiles are located in Faisalabad Pakistan. This is a firm where they manufacture and export quality made up fabrics. On customer demands, they emphasize the exact quality of products. The vertically integrated operations at Aala ensure that standards are maintained and production is of the highest quality in every process. This behavior makes them the buyer’s trusted choice.

Hopefully, the brief description of the organization can make you believe that you can meet the quality requirements at the best reasonable level.

Farooq garments:

The industry is situated in Lahore. In Pakistan, this is an industry that is a certified vertically integrated composite textile with a commanding position from yarn to finish garments. As of their esteem buyers, they make the garments in various count and constructions in different weave, weight, blends, color, etc.


Ennoble International Pvt Ltd is the best source where they customized uniforms. Basketball Uniforms, USA football jersey/pants, Soccer Uniforms, Baseball Uniforms, Reversible Jersey shorts, Training shirts, tracksuit warm Ups, etc. the company was established in 1995 as leading manufacturers & exporters of all type of sportswear.

They manufacturer their products by utilizing the latest techniques. To supply professional quality products they applying CAD, CAM facilities.

Regimental Uniform Accessories:

The company Regimental Uniform was found in 1995. In Pakistan, the company is a manufacturer and exporter in the uniform sector. Their factory is located in Sialkot city and they are well equipped with the latest technology.

Their portfolio of products includes Whistle Code & land yards, Cap Cords, Sashes, Shoulders, Braid, Sword Knots, Badges, Tassels, Berets and Feather Hackles, Dress & Banner Cords, Caps & Peaks, Crest & Flags. They focus on what is currently available in the market that’s why they continually improve and develop their products.


Uniform describe from which profession and institute you belong. It differentiates you from others.


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