Universities That Offer Mass Communication in Islamabad

National university of modern language

Students often get confuse about which field they should choose. They have many options and choosing one becomes difficult. Media industry is flourishing rapidly. People are engaging themselves more and more with it. In the past media studies was not given that much importance but with the passage of time people are getting aware of its importance and choosing it as their career. There are many universities in Islamabad that offer mass communication.

universities that offer mass communication

Mass communication is the branch of social sciences that offers studies about media industry and public relations. During the 1st 6 semester minor subjects are taught which includes general subjects like math’s English and then specific subjects like media industry, mass comm theories etc. But during the last semester the student had to choose the specialization. There are 4 specializations for this field i-e electronic, print, research and public relations/advertisement. You can choose any one in which you are interested.

There are many universities in Islamabad that offers mass communication. They are as follow:


National University of Modern Languages

This university was basically the institute that was establish in 1969 to help people learn different languages. It uses to serve the army personnel and government employs to learn different languages but in 2000 it was upgrade to university and start to offers many courses. This university offers bachelors and MSc in mass communication also. The students who studied from here are now working in different media fields and channel making the university proud. They have many PhD scholars and soon they are going to offer M.S and Ph.D. in mass communication. So if you are planning to take admission this field then go for NUML.

bahria university

Bahria University

Bahria university is the university made by the navy of Pakistan. it is a multi-displinary university and offers degree in engineering, medical, arts, business etc. this university also offers bachelors and master degree in media studies. They have highly qualified faculty. This university have customized building.

riphah university

Riphah International

Riphah is private university that came into being in 2002. It has many campuses throughout the country. This university also has international campus that is in UAE and Ras Al-Khaimah. It offers bachelors and masters in media studies. This university offers more practical work then theoretical work. This is one of the universities in Islamabad that offer mass communication.



It was establish in 1999 to meet the increasing demand for skilled corporate managers and entrepreneur. Mass communication was 1st introduce under the umbrella of business school but later it came under the school of social sciences and humanities. Taking admission in Nust is not easy at all as their merit is so high. But it is one of the best university so far in Islamabad.

universities that offer mass communication


This university was made after the name of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. It offers degree in technology, business, social sciences etc. they only offer bachelors in media studies and no masters or PhD but soon they will start to offer masters as well.


These are few universities offering mass studies in Islamabad.so if you are planning to take admission in media studies like you want to become a journalist then look for these universities. You can get the complete information about these universities from e360 website.


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