How to wear a watch with style?

wear a watch with style

We all are mad about many things. Mad about style, and today we are crazy about watches. A quality watch isn’t just a devitalize of style; it’s an extension of you. Those people who are style conscious, especially gentleman. They know the power of easy and ultra-fine of accessories.

There are so many graceful and stylish watches for men with particularly events and occasions in mind. It is significant to know about your watch collection as where you wear and how to style it so it increase and doesn’t divert from your overall look.

Before going anywhere you think of your entire wardrobe and piecing together the right combination, likewise the selection of your accessories should not only compliment your clothes you choose to wear, but each other. From shoes to socks, ties to cufflinks, from belts to pockets, it’s like place together the puzzle.

You need to remember a few guidelines, when you mull over what kind of watch you have to wear with your over all look.

For sporting and casual environments plastic and rubber are good choice, because silver, gold, and leather band are more formal.

Keep your metals compatible: if you wear a silver ring or other jewelry, a complementary silver band you need to choose for that.

Mind your blues, browns, and blacks: never made a set of brown leather watch band with black pair of shoes or conversely. Navy blue and black are a complete faux pas


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