What Are Different Types of Stoves and Why They Are Used?


What is stove? Why we use stove? What was the purpose of making them? In the past people use to live in dark. They had no apparatus on which they could cook their food. They use to eat raw meat or any food. But slowly they started to cook food by collecting woods and burning the woods and making fire out of it. In this way they learn about how to cook food on fire. By the advancement in technology, the gas and electric stove also came into being. These stove have made our life much easy. We can make any kind of food with the help of them. There are many types of stoves.

Stoves are basically the heating appliance which are used to heat or cook the meal. There are many types of stoves available in the market. You can buy anyone of your choice and as per your need. Following are the different types of stoves available in the market

wood burning stove

Wood burning stove

This technique is being used from ancient times. People use to collect woods from forest and burn them. Wood is the primarily fuel. Wood stoves are made up of all metal i-e steel and iron. These are mostly use in rural areas where there is shortage of gas and electricity.

gas stove

Gas stove

This stove is quiet similar to the wood burning stove but in this propane or natural gas is use to generate the heat. This apparatus is easy to handle as you can increase or decrease the intensity of heat. They are available in different models and style. Gas stove emits less pollution and is easy to handle.

electric stove

Electric stove

What is happen if you get short of gas. In Pakistan there are shortage of gas during winter season. During this time people spend a lot of money in buying the gas cylinders. Electric stoves are used to replace gas stoves. The main fuel in this is electricity. It uses the electricity to heat the apparatus. Electric stoves are available in different shape and size. Portable electric stoves are also available in the market.


Getting to know things better before buying them can help you a lot in making the decision. If you are planning to buy the stove you must go through this article. Which stove do you use at home? Are you thinking to switch to another stove? If yes, then this article will surely help you out.


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