What are the BEST solar panels to buy for your home?


We are living in the country where there is high cost of energy and a lot of electricity crisis. And because of this we are always looking for something that can solve our problems and can work as an alternative for energy and electricity. If we look around us, Pakistan is the country where are sun energy is available almost all the time. Different companies are manufacturing the solar panels in order to utilize the sun energy and convert it into electricity and other useful energies like car can also work through this energy.

This all has started from 1876 but it was costly for common person to buy but with the passing time, this device has become cheap and easily affordable for the commercial purpose as well. 1070’s to 1990’s is considered the peak time for solar panels to become famous because their prices came down.

In Pakistan different companies are manufacturing the solar panels of different watts and are sold at different prices like Mosam Engineering, Ayezee Group, UPS (Prodigy Technologies), Al-Din Engineering Solutions & Services etc. we can get information about these companies and their product information from the web portal E360 Business Directory . this portal can provide all the information about solar panel in a single click.

If we speak in general then Sunlife Solar, LG ,Solartech Universal and Panasonic and top companies of solar panel manufacturing. They are on the top of market in 2019 due to their high efficiencies, 25 years’ warranty and competitive prices offered by each brand. These companies are offering reliability and durability with fair prices making these brands best for solar panels.

Mono Solar

Mono solar is one of the best solar panel to be used for commercial as well as homes. They come in 15 to 300 watts. This is mono-crystalline.

Solar panels are very useful for countries which are rich in sun energy and which face energy crisises. Solar panels are also now being made part of cars, aircrafts, mobile phones etc. Solar panels are future.


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