What are the specifications of a good laptop


You will realize plenty of variations between a 5 years previous laptop computer to a brand-new laptop computer. So, many folks prefer to upgrade their laptop computer once some years. To shop for a stronger laptop computer, you wish to grasp laptop computer specifications list, options and laptop computer configuration. A laptop computer could be a needed issue that’s a comfort to use. You’ll be able to use it sitting on your seat or contact the bed.

So, before shopping for a laptop computer for your personal use, you wish to grasp the important options of the laptop computer that build the laptop computer latest and glorious device. If you’re careful of some matters, you’ll be able to purchase the most effective laptop computer for your everyday use.

Laptop Specifications List:

Some options assist you to search out the most effective laptop computer. Each purchaser must fathom these options and therefore, the configuration of the laptop computer. Let’s see them.


The processor is like because the brain of a laptop computer. It indicates the performance level of a laptop. So, it’s should be the most consider your laptop computer specification lists. Because the processor of a laptop computer is powerful, it’ll run quicker, and permits the user to run an over sized program like picture redaction, graphic style software system.

Try to use the Intel method. Intel provided a spread of processors like Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, etc. currently it’s the time of the core i7 processor. Core i7 is unimaginable for gambling and skilled functions.


The memory of your laptop is thought as RAM. Once this memory is a lot of, you’ll be able to run a lot of programs on your laptop computer. Currently, traditional laptops have a minimum of four GB RAM.

For gambling and alternative advanced functions, you wish the PC with a lot of RAMs. Currently, 16 GB RAM laptops area unit out there within the market.

Hard drive

The disc drive or storage is another issue that you just ought to rely on after you can purchase a laptop computer. It’s in the main 2 sorts. One is the HDD, and Another kind is SSD. You recognize that HDD will store plenty of information. You’ll realize such reasonable disc drive in most of the laptops. However, SSD includes a low capability for storage.

It additionally doesn’t have any moving half. However, it saves your battery. Most of the 2-in-one laptops contain this kind of disc drive. SSD is far quicker than HDD. Meaning SSD laptop are quicker than Associate in Nursing HDD laptop computer. That’s why folks selecting SSD storage.

Screen Resolution

In past years, most of the laptops have a 1366 × 768 screen resolution. Except for this resolution, you wish to pay the proper quantity of cash. However, this resolution makes footage grainier and can’t match several texts on the screen. So, you wish to scroll for an extended time to browse sites and edit your documents. However, these days, cheap laptops with 1920 × 1080 resolution screen area unit out there.

You’ll be able to see something on this high-resolution screen simply and well. Besides, if you’ll be able to pay more cash, you’ll be able to get Associate in The nursing extremist HD screens laptop computer of 3840 × 2160 resolution.

Graphics & Screen size

Graphics card of laptop is usually 2 sorts like integrated and dedicated. Integrated card is named the inbuilt card. This card is appropriate for everyday use. With this graphics card, you’ll be able to browse the web, watch YouTube, etc. easily. However, advanced works area unit slow during this card. The dedicated graphics card has advanced technology.

You’ll be able to do arduous tasks like video and picture redaction with none hassle on a laptop computer with a passionate kind graphics card. So, for higher performance, you must select the PC with dedicated graphics. Small size screen is sweet for taking a laptop computer anyplace you go. except for the higher viewing expertise of looking movies, you’ll be able to take 15+ screen laptop computer.

USB type C port

A USB port could be a necessary feature of a laptop computer. However, all USB ports don’t seem to be used for same functions. If your laptop computer includes a USB Type-C port, you’ll be able to charge your laptop computer battery with a sort C cable from outside. USB kind C port is reversible.

You’ll be able to additionally copy files t alternative devices with it. it’s the foremost trendy technology access orial to the newest version of laptops. So, you’ll not realize this port on all laptops. If you would like to relish the benefits of Type-C USB, you wish to search out of the acceptable laptop computer that has this port. Besides, some laptops have Thunderbolt3. It uses the USB kind C instrumentation and may perform with alternative C-type devices.


Now touchscreen laptops area unit out there. It permits you to finish intuitive management. You’ll be able to faucet the icon to open it and may modification by swiping one facet. It’s the most effective feature of a laptop computer or a pill. Touchscreen laptop computer runs well with windows eight. It’s specially designed for touchscreen.

You’ll realize plenty of laptops with slightly screen. A touchscreen laptop computer with Windows eight is therefore, natural if you are doing not have any expertise of mistreatment this kind of laptop computer, you’ll feel Associate in The nursing professional in an exceedingly couple of minutes.

Battery Life

As the laptop computer could be a transportable device and run on battery, it’s necessary to own a laptop computer with the long battery life.

If a laptop computer provides seven hours and battery life, it’s enough for any work. However, currently commonplace laptops have eight hours and battery life.

Infrared Camera

Windows ten laptop computer users will open the PC by trying closely at the screen. This feature of these Windows are named Windows salutation. You’ll be able to use this feature if your laptop computer has Associate in Nursing infrared camera or a Relsens 3D camera. Laptop computer with this kind of camera is currently out there at the look. Besides, a laptop computer with a salutation fingerprint reader is additionally out there.

2 in 1 PCs

2-in-1 laptops become extremely popular among youth. You’ll be able to relish laptop computer browsing on your bed or at the table with this kind of laptop computer. You’ll realize detachable screen laptop computer or a rotate screen laptop computer common, and out there within the market. Asus, Dell, HP, all the well-known brands within the world bring this kind of laptops and ultra books.


If you retain these options of a laptop computer in your mind, Whereas, shopping for one, you’ll be able to simply purchase the newest and higher one for any mistreatment functions. However, these options’ area unit common to contemplate for each laptop computer. Therefore, you want to grasp the necessity of the laptop computer specifications list before shopping for the laptop computer. Then, you’ll be able to choose the most effective laptops from several brands.


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