Which Mobile To Buy By Keeping In Mind The Budget?


Technology is rapidly changing with the changing time. People are always looking for some new mobile with new specifications. As soon as the new mobile comes in the market, people are eager to buy them. Some buy the new model mobile because of their specification while other buy them only as a style statement. There are many brands manufacturing the new models of mobile after every few months. Now the question is which mobile one should buy? Which company is best?

Following is the list of different mobiles you can buy if you are looking to buy the new model of mobile:

Samsung S8

Samsung is well known brand. It produces different electronic devices. S8 is a beautiful mobile of its time. It also comes in edge screen option. Its internal storage is 64GB you can also have more internal storage that is up to 256GB. S8 have amoled screen with make the screen display beautiful colors. Its price is from 70-80000.


This model is as in less weight as 156 grams. It has the amazing feature of squeezable option. Certain features activate by squeezing the mobile which we don’t get in any other mobile device. It has 16 MP camera which helps to take the amazing pictures. Its battery timing is also amazing. This mobile can work for 24 hours. Price range is 60000.


This amazing mobile have 2 rare cameras which helps to capture amazing shots. Its screen size is 5.7 inch.  This mobile have 4GB Ram which helps to speed up the performance of mobile. Price range is from 40 – 50000.

Samsung Note 8

This is one of the most expensive phone of the date. But it got amazing feature and it is worth the price. Its screen is 6.3 inch which helps to open the 2 tabs at one time. This feature is very useful for the business mans and for working people. Its internal storage capacity is 256 GB.  Its rare camera is 12 MB and front is 8 MB.

These were some of the best mobiles you can find in the market. So if you looking to buy some new model mobile then you can look for these.


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