Who are firefighters and what are their jobs?

Fire fighter is a rescuer

Who is firefighter?

Firefighters are a group of trained people in rescuer in firefighting. Mostly quench any harmful fire which damage and threaten a property, people, and civilians. What are firefighters jobs? They also rescue individuals from dangerous situation. If you ever seen in news, TV or somewhere else that people hanging from dangerous place or height, so the firefighters are always there to save them. So firefighters jobs are not only save people from fire but from different difficult situations.

Not only people but collapsed buildings, burning structures, animal from car wreck, stuck elevators and many other emergencies.

Fire Stations:

There is a fire station where all the firefighters based on. The fire station is fully structured with the equipment of what needed. When people call fire station and they need help the fire fighters drive a vehicle called a fire truck to the scene. The vehicles can pump water and foam to extinguish the fire. Fire engines also have ladders, cutting tools and a variety of support equipment. First aid kit is also available in the truck in case if anyone hurt or need.

Firefighter’s Clothing:

Firefighters don’t go just like that to save people. They have proper heavy clothing which they wear on their duty when they are fighting with fire. These clothing also called a bunker gear or turnout gear. They use breathing apparatus to protect themselves from smoke inhalation.

Fire Departments:

The Fire is the most common hazard in the world. So to fight with this fire threat which happens anytime anywhere in the world, fire departments build for this purpose. They have various names like, fire department, fire service, fire and rescue service or fire brigade. Fire departments are commonly government’s entities which are funded by local area and take care of local area.

Some airports and factories have their own employ as fire fighters. Some fire fighters do work full time like day and night till wait at the fire station to be called out. If they have no work or nothing to do at night they usually rest at that time. Some fire fighters do work as a part time in villages and small towns as they have other jobs outside the fire service.

Fire departments of Pakistan:

In Pakistan fire departments give fire services and fire brigade services. It can be government or private departments. This organization mainly provides emergency firefighting and rescue services for a particular jurisdiction which is usually a municipality, county, or fire prevention district. Usually fire departments contain more than one fire station within its premises.

In Pakistan to fire departments the national institute of fire technology provides advance training. The institute is based in Islamabad and is affiliated with the Directorate of civil defiance of the ministry of interior.


Fire fighters play hero roles in our society. They save people in any difficult situation regardless of their own lives. Fire fighters can be paid for this job or can be do as a volunteer or a combination thereof. What is your opinion about fire fighters?


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