Why Boiler Chicken Is Harmful for Human Body?


Chicken is eaten and loved by almost all the non-vegetarians. It is use to make different delicious dishes throughout the world. You must have heard about chicken biryani, chicken qorma, chicken tikka and much more. All these dishes are famous especially in Pakistan and India. The world population is increasing day by day. To meet the need of chicken the poultry farming industry is using such techniques which increases the production of chicken. These chicken are known as boiler chicken. Boiler chicken is very harmful for human body. Different chemicals are inject in chicken to grow them quickly.

boiler chicken is harmful for human body

Boiler chicken is very harmful for human body. They contain chemicals are that are very dangerous for us. Following are the worse side effects of boiler chicken


The boiler chicken usually has deadly bacteria’s in them which are very dangerous and causes serious diseases. Consume fresh chicken and try to eat chicken that is feed on natural feed without chemicals.

Unhealthy Fat

Boiler chicken usually have unhealthy fat which makes our body unhealthy. It increases the risk of heart problems, blood pressure and many other diseases. Try to limit the amount of boiler chicken in your diet or switch to country chicken.

chemical injecting in chicken

Dangerous Chemical Content

Boiler chicken are inject dangerous chemical, growth hormones, antibiotics which are use to increase the production of chicken and also to increase the weight of chicken so it seems heavy and grown up. These chemicals are very dangerous. It can disturb the hormones in human body and also it causes the problems like obesity, male infertility and many other diseases.

Male Infertility

One of the main reason of male infertility is the excess intake of boiler chicken. The boiler chicken destroys the sperm count and make them impotent.

boiler chicken is harmful for human body

Causes Cancer

People love to eat grill chicken that are cook at high temperature. Boiler chicken is already dangerous for human health and when they are cook at high temperature are become more dangerous and unhealthy. This may cause cancer especially prostate cancer in male.


Chicken grown in artificial environment is very dangerous as they are fed on chemical and dangerous feed. Different chemicals and antibiotics are inject in their body which increases the risk of danger. Try to replace the boiler chicken with fish, turkey, organic chicken, beef, mutton and other healthy meat. Try to take protein from other sources. Prevention is better than cure.


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