Why Do We Use Computers?

Man sitting on sofa and working on his laptop

Opening an eye in 21st century and looking at all the technologies make us wonder. Computer is one of the biggest and successful invention been done. Computers are basically the electronic devices which make our work much easy to perform. It saves a lot of time and energy.it has become the important part of our life. It is used to communicate to the outer world if it has internet connection and apart from communication it helps to do calculation and is used for entertainment purpose like we can watch movies, play games, listen music etc.

Types of Computer

Computer works by the instructions we provide in it. It has many types and they all vary in specification. Following are the types of different computers.

Computer are convenient and easy to use. People use computers as they are reliable and fast in speed. Following are some of the main reason for which the people use computers:


Computer has a built-in memory and it can store quiet a huge amount of information and data. Its storage memory has so much capacity and this capacity is not easily available in any other device.


People use computers in order to communicate with the people around them. This works only when they have the connection of internet. They can write and send emails, pictures, videos, and music to the other person.


Its speed is fast and people use it as they make their work easy to do and in less time for example we can sent email in less time as compared to letter sent by the post.


Computers never get tired unless they have some virus. They work all the time regardless of the time and day.


Computers are largely used for entertainment purposes. If we have internet, we can easily download any movie or music and can watch anytime later. It is also used for gaming.


People use computer as it helps them to do their work. If we want to prepare a presentation, we can easily do it with the help of the computer. Microsoft excel is used to prepare datasheets which helps in banking and economic sectors

These were some of the main uses for which the people use computers. It can work as a luxurious item as well as used as professionally.


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