Why iPhone is the best choice?


iPhone since its invention has become the style icon. People buy iPhone because of its amazing specifications and features. IPhone is one of the top selling smartphone because of its feature and user-friendly nature. iPhone is the line of smartphones and it is handled by apple Inc. Since its invention, it has change the mindset of peoples. People used to use the simple mobiles but iPhone introduced the 1st smartphone with iOS operating software system.

The 1st iPhone introduced in the market was 3GS. It was introduced back in 2007 and it broke all the records of the market. This smartphone came with touch screen and virtual keyboard. This mobile had Wi-Fi and data connection along with good quality camera which was used to take pictures and make videos. This mobile was also used to transfer the data and sent email. Everything was present in this smartphone like calculator, calendar, gallery, social sites.

Buying iPhone is a smart choice. iPhone are bit expensive as compared to its other competitors but it is worth buying the iPhone. Until now 12 generation of iPhone models have been introduced. Apple introduces new model after every year with better specs and new features. Apple has introduced sensors which are used to operate the smartphone. iPhone also have sensors which can record the heartbeat. It can also record the steps which we have taken.

iPhone comes in all range and its ram varies. All iPhone have built in battery i-e lithium ion battery. The latest iPhone 11 has ultra wide lens and iPhone is the 1st smartphone with triple camera. Now iPhone 11 can also record the video from the front camera which is not available in any other smartphone. It can store the data up to 256 GM which is quite a large space. New iPhone are coming with water resistance ability.

iPhone is a great choice as it offers great amount of space with sensors. Its camera result is the best as compared to other smartphones. It has 4 to 6 GB RAM. iPhone are much faster as compared to android. The face id keep the phone secured. IOS gets update when we want them to. All the new apps are 1st introduced by app store. Apple pay has made easy for its users to pay through mobile.

So buying the iPhone is a smart choice as the company offers guarantee and best features as compared to its competitors.


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