Why Ultrasound Machines are used?


Feeling something weird inside your body? Can’t able to detect what the matter is? Then don’t worry about this because in the past it was the matter of tension but with the new inventions and new technology this tension is also released. All thanks to the ultrasound machine which detects whatever is happening in the body.

Ultrasound is also known as sonography. It uses the sound waves to make the image of whatever is happening in the body. This machine emits the high-frequency sound waves which are not heard by human ears and then it records the echoes as the waves bounce back and form the image according to the echoes of the sound waves. These waves determine the shape, size and intensity of the soft tissues and organs.

Ultrasound machine works without radiations which is the plus point as x-ray machines works in radiations which is very harmful for human body. It is much faster than the x-ray. Ultrasound machines are used to detect cancer and is used in gynecology, cardiology and obstetrics.

Ultrasound machines are used to check the size of fetus and to know whether it is in normal position or not. It is use to detect the gender to the fetus. This machine is also used to detect the tumor in ovaries or breast. It is also use to check the working of heart that whether it is working properly or not. It is also used to check the blood flow in the heart and other blood vessels.

Ultrasound machine is also used to detect the kidney stone which then can be treated by time. Cancer can be detected by this machine. This machine doesn’t have any known side effects as it only uses the sound energy. This sound energy increases the heat of the certain area helping to know whether that tissue or organ is working properly or not. Ultrasound machine should not be used in excess.


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