Why we have different Uniforms?


Getting up in the morning and wasting time on what to wear? Wearing different clothes everyday are not budget friendly as one will spend a lot of money in buying different clothes. Than what is the solution to this? What can we do to make our life a bit easy? The simple answer is UNIFORM. You read it right. Uniform is a set of clothes that are worn by the members of same organization. These uniform varies from organization to organization. Every organization have different set of uniforms. They vary in color, shape, design and size.

If we talk about school, then all the students wear uniform. This uniform represents their school. In the same way certain jobs also require uniforms e.g. doctors, fire fighters, army, police, military, navy personnel etc. these uniform helps to distinguish them. Some uniform is also made in such a way that help the people to perform their job in much better way for instance if we take the example of fire fighters, their uniform is made in such a way that keep them safe from the fire.

Just like any other field of life, sport players also wear certain uniform which differentiate them form others. Every sports have different uniform. Football players wear helmet and pads to keep themselves safe. Basketball players usually wear shorts to play better.

Wearing uniform by all the member of organization develops the feeling of equality inn them. They all wear same uniform so they all are equal and no one feel superior or inferior than the other person. It also develops the sense of belonging and commonness among the workers of the organization.

Every institute, organization have their own uniform like waiters, clerks, bankers, sports players etc. some people prefer wearing uniform has they don’t have to worry on daily basis what to wear and they find it budget friendly while some people thing that wearing uniform hinder their growth and development. They can’t express themselves properly as dressing plays an important role in self grooming.


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