The clip clop of high heels!

lady wearing high heels

Shoes are the mandatory element of our outfit. Many of us love to wear high heels. Many of the tall ladies do not care about their height, and they still wear to love high heels. Their preference in shoes is high heels. You will be surprised that high heels were not originated from women. (Surprise)? What if I told you that heels were actually made for men? Heels were worn by the majority of powerful and privileged people in the middle of the 17th century and in starting the 18th century.

The objective of the high heels:

Heel is one of the types of shoes, which is higher off the ground. The purpose of the heels is to protect the foot from the ground or improving walking efficiency. Heels performed various purposes when they first invented. In the 10th century the horse-riding men on their boots and shoes. While riding the heels helped them to stay their feet in stirrups.

Woman and their relation with heels:

Women are so obsessed with heels. Heels always remain in fashion. Heels are worn in all kinds of women without any age distinction. Flat shoes you usually wore for comfort walking. But sometimes it hardly goes with every type of outfits. Whereas heels are the option which suits with any outfits. It prominent your look even more. According to women’s perception, heels make them more feminine.

Heels glorifying your personality more. If you noticed that even in fashion shows, models wear heels to walk on-ramp. There are many incidents happened regarding high heels during ramp walk, but still, designers preferred heels for models. High heels give benefit to petite women.

When women wore heels:

Wearing high heels is not an easy job. It needs more practice and confidence. While wearing heels women hold and move. Women with heels need to stay and move their weight in a definite way that ensures a better posture. High heels or heels, often wear for particular occasions, like weddings, parties, at the office with office dress code.


Heels make you more presentable and get you more male attention. Heels can symbolize the power of your personality. Heels comes also with some disadvantages for your back and your body.


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