Wrist Watch- A Timepiece


With the wrist watches one can quickly tell the time with style. Wrist watches add can add special appeal. They come in different shape, size, color and style. Wrist watches are worn by the person on his/her arm to keep a tract of timepiece. It keeps on working all the time even when the person is in motion. Wrist watch is worn on arm by the help of wrist band or bracelet. Wrist watches are becoming important part of accessories. They are worn by both the genders. People wear watches as a style statement. Some people wear them to keep the track of the time and other wear them as a fashion.


Wrist watches were 1st invented in 17th century and from then many changes have been made in them. The wrist watches are of many types. The newest watch is smartwatch. This watch not only show the time but also keep us updates about the month year and day. These watches also keep a track of our steps and our heartbeat. Quartz watches are also use by most the people. They work by the help of batteries.

Some watches are also water resistant I-e even if we wear them in rain, they don’t have any affect. Watches also have led in them which can help the person in dark and night. People don’t usually see their mobile to look for the time rather thy wear wrist watches as this look more professional and stylish.


These watches are made globally. Following are the companies which supply these watches in Pakistan:

These all are some of the shops in Pakistan which supply the wrist watches. We can get the information about them at e360 web portal in just a single click.

Wrist watches are in trend and make the person look stylish and professional. They help to keep the track of time.


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